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Mortgage Burning Celebration

Burning of the Mortgage - 07/18/2021

We welcomed our Bishop John Pazak on the occasion of the ceremonially burning the paid off mortgage. The festivities began with a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy celebrated by Bishop John Pazak, with concelebrates of Fr. Stephen and Fr. John Monestero, as well as Deacon Greg and Deacon Johnathan. After the Liturgy, the parish gathered in the hall for a formal catered meal. The burning of the mortgage is another milestone in the history of the parish.

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Pergola Removal

Pergola Removal - 07/17/2021

See photos from the removal of the dry rot and damaged rectory pergola done by the gracious members of the parish.

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Farewell to Marya and Bob

Farewell to Marya and Bob - 07/11/2021

You can watch the video of the children of the parish giving a final sendoff to Bob and Marya for their last Sunday before moving to be closer to family. You can also watch other portions of the event: Thanks, Marya, Bob, and God Grant Them Many Years!.  

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OCTOC - Ecumenical Prayer Service for Christian Unity

OCTOC - Ecumenical Prayer Service for Christian Unity - 06/18/2021

You can watch the video of the prayer service taken graciously by the 2021 hosting parish Holy Cross Melkite Catholic Church located in Placentia, CA. 

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Greg Gath - Diaconal Ordination

Greg Garth - Diaconal Ordination - 11/28/2020

You can watch the video of His Grace Bishop John Pazak ordaining Greg Gath to the Deaconate outside of Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church. 

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Greg Gath - Minor Orders & Subdiaconate

Greg Gath - Minor Orders & Subdiaconate - 08/25/2019

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50th Anniversary Hierarchical Liturgy

50th Anniversary Hierarchical Liturgy - 07/21/2019

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50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner - 07/20/2019

Click here to view the gallery of photos taken during the event.

You can watch the video showing the performance by the young people of the parish in celebration of the 50th Anniversary, written by Marya Weil, with coaching by the teaching staff.

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The First 50 Years (1969 - 2019)

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In the ancient world, kings, emperors, judges and teachers would sit as they exercised their duties. The Scriptures, in general, see Christ as the promised successor of King David seated on his throne, and specifically, the book of Revelation sees Him and the Father as occupying thrones in heaven.

This dazzling mosaic, made of thousands of pieces of miniature glass tessera, depicts Christ in His glory blessings with His right hand, while holding an ornate Gospel Book in His left. His Holy Gospel contains His words of eternal life that he bequeaths to his Faithful with the instruction, “Go therefore into all nations baptizing them, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” We have been saved for a purpose: to be collaborators with our Lord Christ in the salvation of the world.


Divine Liturgy:
Daily Liturgy - 9:00 AM - see weekly schedule
Holy Days - 9:00 AM and 7:30 PM (The night before)
Sunday Liturgy - 10:00 AM

Sacrament of  Reconciliation:
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